Torque is largely responsible for making the electric motor spin

The rotor of the electric motor needs a torque to cause the rotation process to start. The torque, which is the moment, where the rotation will start has originated in the magnetic forces that are developed between the magnetic rotor poles and those of the stator.

The forces of both attraction and repulsion are created between the stator and the rotor of the electric motor and it is they that pull or push the movable rotor poles and that is what causes the torque to appear.


Thus, the torque is that causes the rotor to rotate even faster until the frictions or loads that attach to the shaft will decrease the torque and result in a zero value. After that point, the rotor will rotate with the constant angular velocity and both the stator and the rotor of the electric motor should be magnetic, because these forces that exist between the poles are that produce the necessary torque for the rotor to rotate.

When the electric motor was developed

The electric motor for many years and continues today showing all its benefits. Many studies were needed to be able to develop these engines and provide new models for different segments. The first segment served by the engine was the industrial and today it is also present in commercial and other varied.

Making a feature you can understand what comparison of electric motors will meet your needs. In the market available the single-phase and three-phase models, the model can meet the simplest segments, while the three-phase model can understand more complex industrial segments.

At the time of making the purchase of an electric motor is essential to analyze all the product features so that we can take home that will really understand what you need. There are people who seek to develop homemade electric motor, which can also be interesting, especially when it comes to a simple feature, it is what he can meet.

Electric motor for bicycles

There are some bike models that have earned the implementation of the electric motor in order to function. The engine is intended to make transport through this feature a little faster, since it is entirely driven by human force.

For those who want a more agile and fast bike, it pays to know the proposal of some brands that have brought the electric motor implemented in them. Of course the price of the product ends up being much higher, so it’s good to see if it will meet your demand and budget.

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You might try the bike with electric motor and see how it works. The price ends up being much higher, but depending on the needs of each person is an investment that is worthwhile. By using this engine, the bike could bring news to the end consumers in the physical and virtual stores you can find in order to acquire.

Learn how to discover the electric motor reason not turn and disarms the circuit breaker

When the electric motor does not turn, has its tripped circuit breaker, relay operates or burning fuse you need to decouple the electric motor load, because then it may be possible to see if the electric motor shaft is locked. If you are caught, you must replace the electric motor bearings.

If the electric motor shaft is not locked, you need to use the multimeter for continuity scale, because that will be checked if the electric motor of the problem is not in the power wires shorted. If the problem is this, we need to isolate all affected part with the aid of an insulating tape.

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If the electric motor of the problem is not a short circuit, the electric motor should be open and should be considered whether there is any sign that the electric motor coil is not burned.

Electric induction motor suffers many losses

Electric induction motor suffers many losses and among them is the Joule losses.

The electric induction motor can suffer losses and they can be driven by mechanisms that generate heat and they can be divided into five main groups and are related to primary way to where they occur.

The losses that the electric induction motor EJMM2334T suffers are: the Joule losses, hysteresis losses, losses due to eddy current dispersed losses and mechanical losses.

The joule losses consists in the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy in a medium that is electrically conductive. This type of loss that affects the motor is directly related to the electrical resistance of the conductor and changes in proportion to the square of the current.

In Joule loss, heat generation in an electric induction motor with squirrel cage rotor and stator takes place in the rotor cage.

Electric motor Benefits

It is interesting to be aware of what are the benefits of the electric motor so that you understand why he is so used and so important. There are several benefits and here we will mention what they are, check out more information on this matter and understand why this engine is so important to so many different segments today.

The electric motor is a machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy due to various types of engines on the market it is possible that they meet very different segments thus has engine installed in various products and processes.

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There are several benefits that can be found using the engine, the first one is related to economy. It is very common to see praise about the economic part of the electric motor. Moreover, it is also very effective at it and can meet an increasing number of different segments.